Electrical Repair on Delmarva

Whenever there’s an issue with your home’s electrical systems, the problem goes beyond comfort; your family’s safety is at risk. At Custom Mechanical, we’re among our area’s top electrical contractors, and we take our electrical work very seriously. Whether you need a repair or a full system upgrade, we’ll provide the top-quality service your family needs at an affordable price.

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Our Electrical Services

Electricity plays a huge role in your home life, and we know our services need to be just as comprehensive. Below is a sample of the professional services we provide:

  • new systems, upgrades and replacement systems
  • troubleshooting and routine maintenance
  • light fixture and ceiling fan installation
  • paddle fan installation
  • cable and telephone wiring

As with all of our home services, we provide up-front estimates and flat-rate pricing for every electrical project. There are no surprises and no hidden fees, and for your convenience, we offer both online and telephone scheduling.

Panel Inspections: Preventive Maintenance for Your Electrical System

Your home’s electrical system works very hard to supply and distribute all the power you need, and all that work means it’s somewhat prone to issues. One of the best investments you can make in the future of your home is maintenance that will identify and address those issues. With preventive maintenance, you’ll not only save money on future repairs but also protect your family from the dangers of an electrical issue.

At Custom Mechanical, we call our electrical maintenance checks “Panel Inspections.” During each inspection, we do all of the following:

  • remove the cover from your electrical panel
  • inspect your breakers visually
  • check the high voltage, neutral and ground wiring to each breaker
  • tighten any loose connections

Although loose connections are often caused by something as innocuous as temperature changes in the house, they can wreak havoc on your electrical system. Premature breaker failure, dimming and flickering lights, higher utility bills and even malfunctioning HVAC equipment are just a few of the issues that we can prevent with a simple panel inspection.

Our Commitment to Safety and Service

When it comes to electrical work, your safety is always our highest priority. Before you investigate any electrical problem, make sure pets and children are well away from the danger zone and then proceed only if you’re absolutely sure you aren’t putting yourself at risk. We’re always happy to take your call and work with you to assess an electrical problem.

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built with our many homeowners in Frankford, Rehoboth, Bethany Beach, Millsboro, Ocean View, Georgetown, DE, and the surrounding beach communities in Delaware and Maryland thanks to our commitment to outstanding electrical work. At the first sign of an issue with your home’s electrical problems, don’t delay. Turn to the experts and give us the call that will fix it all.

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