3 Signs Your Attic Is Suffering From Poor Ventilation

Whether your home in Frankford, Delaware is new or old, proper attic ventilation is vital to help your HVAC unit run efficiently and prevent other troubling problems. Grab some gloves and a respirator and head up to the attic to inspect for poor attic ventilation.

Types of Attic Ventilation

Building codes vary state-to-state, but in general, you can expect to see some kind of ventilation in your attic. There may be louvers on either end of a gable, sometimes backed with screening to keep critters out. Or you may see a ridge vent, which is a low-profile piece that covers the ridge and allows hot air to escape all along its length. Either of these types of vents combined with soffit vents installed in the eaves keep air flowing through the attic instead of trapping it there.

Signs Your Attic Isn’t Ventilated Well

Arm yourself with proper safety equipment and do some investigating. If your attic feels exceptionally stuffy or hot in the summer, if you can see signs of biological growth on any exposed wood or on the insulation, or you can’t locate any kind of venting, you may have a problem that’s affecting more than just the attic space. Outside or on the ceiling below the attic, you may notice blistering or peeling paint that indicates a moisture problem.

Poor Ventilation Reduces HVAC Efficiency

One of the factors that affects your air conditioner’s efficiency is the hot air in your attic. Heat penetrates the conditioned living areas through the ceiling and forces your HVAC to work harder to keep that level cool. It can cause your unit to run longer and harder to overcome the excess heat. During the winter, you’ll lose heat through the attic.

A house where hot, moist air is trapped in the attic can lead to decreased indoor air quality as well. Once you’ve identified a poorly ventilated attic, we can help you address inefficiency and indoor air quality concerns for a safe and cool home. Call us today at 877-696-0808.

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