Why Is Water Coming Out of Your Furnace in Ocean Pines, MD?

A furnace is the essential component of a home’s heating system and can cause problems if it isn’t functioning correctly. Because winter air contains little humidity, traditional furnaces produce very little water; however, due to the presence of a second heat exchanger, you may spot water near a high-efficiency furnace. Here are some reasons you may experience this situation in Ocean Pines, MD.

Overflowing Condensate Drain Line

When a furnace runs, it produces moisture that must drain away. A blockage or other issue with the condensate drain line can cause water to overflow into it. This is usually easy to detect, as the water will typically accumulate in a visible area near the heating system.

A Broken Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is an important part of any furnace and can fail for various reasons. When this happens, water can leak from the heat exchanger and into it. This is usually due to age or corrosion and requires repairs or a replacement.

A Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter can cause various issues with your heating system, including water leaking. If the air filter is dirty, it can cause the furnace to get too hot. This may cause water to leak from internal components.

Humidifier Leak

There is less humidity in the air during winter months. That’s why many furnaces have attached humidifiers that turn on when it activates. If there is a leak in the humidifier, it may appear that the heating system is leaking.

Heat Exchanger Leak

The process of transferring heat within a heat exchanger produces condensation. If there is a crack in the exchanger, water can leak out. Call one of our technicians to inspect the furnace.

We employ highly trained technicians and can provide services for both residential and commercial customers. Contact Custom Mechanical today to schedule an appointment for furnace repairs or installation.

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