Enjoy the Spring On Your New Deck

During the pleasant seasons in Ocean Pines, Maryland, many locals enjoy spending more time outdoors to take advantage of the warmer weather. This spring and summer, make sure you can maximize your outdoor time by having a new deck built on your property. A deck adds a lot of value and makes it easy to entertain, dine, and relax in the sunshine.

Entertain Guests

A deck is the perfect place to entertain your friends and family members. You can host a neighborhood gathering or a barbecue to celebrate a birthday in the family. When the weather is pleasant, you can spend all evening outdoors, watching as the sun goes down and the stars come up in the sky.

After your deck has been built by a professional carpenter, pick out some outdoor furniture pieces that will create an inviting atmosphere for those who are at your home. Deck furniture is typically a bit more comfortable than lawn chairs as the pieces often have padded seats. You can also pick up an outdoor table, offering a spot to dine when you’re hosting a barbecue or serving snacks.

Spend More Time Outdoors

In a world where people spend a lot of time under the glow of fluorescent lights and screens, it’s important to turn off the electricity and get outdoors. Being outside has been linked to a number of health benefits, including improved short-term memory, reduced stress, fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, and an improved ability to focus.

You don’t have to go hiking in the mountains to take advantage of these benefits. Instead, you can simply relax in the sunshine to soak up the vitamin D that comes from the sun’s rays and enjoy these positive side effects of being in the fresh air. With a deck outfitted with furniture, it’s much easier to spend an hour or two outside, catching up on your favorite reading material or simply daydreaming.

Watch Your Children Play and Stay Active

If you have children at home, you may be fighting the battle of the screen. Kids spend more time inside than ever before, leading to increased rates of childhood obesity and other concerning health problems. Get outside as a family and spend time together as you run around the yard, play tag, or chase the family pet. When you go outside with your children, they’re more likely to engage in active play, which is beneficial for them on both the physical and mental level. Plus, you’ll all reap the benefits of outdoor time.

Create Aesthetic Appeal and Add Value

When you choose to add or replace a deck, you’re not limited to a single design option. Instead, you can use this addition to add aesthetic appeal in a way that complements the style of your home and provides the functionality you want. Complement your home’s shape with the look and feel of the deck or choose a stain that matches the outdoor trim or shutters.

A deck adds value to your property, which is always beneficial if you choose to sell it in the future. It’s also one of the most cost-effective home renovation options. Decks can be built quickly so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Increase Your Usable Outdoor Space

A deck provides a defined central outdoor place to hang out, so it helps to increase the space you have in your yard. Without a functional place to sit, you end up placing chairs on the grass, which may not be very comfortable for longer periods of time. Or worse, you don’t spend time outdoors at all because you don’t have a spot to set up.

Adding a deck will create that defined space, while also adding a place to store other yard items. You can easily set up your grill, deck furniture, and even potted plants to create an ambient outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. You may also choose to add an outdoor kitchen with plumbing to cook outside.

Enjoy the outdoors this spring by taking advantage of the benefits a deck will bring to your property. At Custom Mechanical, we offer custom carpentry services, including deck-building, so contact us to discuss options and obtain a quote at 877-696-0808.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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