Common Deck Issues That Your Trusted Carpenter Can Tackle

If you want your beautiful wooden deck or walkway to remain attractive and sturdy, it’s important to be aware of common deck issues and take preemptive action before serious damage occurs. A professional carpentry service can help maintain, repair or replace your home’s deck. Following are some common deck issues.

Deck Problems

common deck issuesOne common problem is a lack of maintenance in the form of wood-preserving sealant. This should be applied every few years to protect the wood from water and sun damage. However, many homeowners dread the job as it can be a challenging and dirty chore, and as a result, they procrastinate about having the deck resealed. You can address that issue by having professional carpenters handle deck sealing. You can be confident they’ll do it right. To see if your deck needs to be resealed, drip some water on it and see if it beads up. If it doesn’t, your deck should be resealed.

Over time, even the best wood will lose its vibrant color, slowly turning to gray. Using wood cleaning solvents will bring back some of the original hue, and for an extra bit of color, a wood brightener can be used. Always seal the deck after cleaning, or have a professional do it.

An unprotected deck eventually will fall prey to wood rot if it’s not sealed every few years. It looks bad and can result in a dangerous situation with a possible deck collapse. If the wood is rotting in spite of being sealed regularly, there may be water problems caused by a leaking gutter or fixture. Fixing a rotting deck requires repair and resealing, as well as replacement of sections that are rotting. The beams and posts should be closely checked for any rot as well.

Learn more about addressing common deck issues, as well as Custom Mechanical’s professional carpentry services, or call 877-696-0808.

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