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In today’s environmentally- and budget-conscious world, homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce energy use and save money. While home upkeep through electrical, plumbing or HVAC maintenance may seem like an extra expense, it’s actually an investment that will reduce costs down the road. In reality, unnecessary expenses come from letting your heaters, air conditioners, plumbing and electrical systems run on their own without any ongoing care. With good maintenance, we’ll keep those systems running at peak efficiency and stop any emerging problems in their tracks.

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Why Invest in Regular Maintenance

We call it preventive maintenance for a reason: a well-maintained air conditioner or electrical system is less likely to have issues. During every maintenance visit, we’ll carefully inspect your existing systems and identify any emerging issues. By fixing small problems before they can become any worse, we’ll save you plenty of money on expensive replacement or repairs in the future.

Preventing repairs, though, isn’t the only reason to invest in preventive maintenance. In addition to catching emerging issues, we’ll make any adjustments needed to reduce energy usage without impacting comfort and functionality. For example, something as simple as cleaning an air filter can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Your preventative maintenance plan from Custom Mechanical includes two HVAC service visits per year for your Performance Tune-Ups (PTUs). Our experienced technicians and plumbers will visually inspect your entire system (respectively), make adjustments for efficiency and troubleshoot small or potential issues. Our technician or plumber will discuss the results with you and answer any questions you have about your system.

We’re committed to serving the customers who’ve built relationships with us through service agreements, and – above all – that means priority service. In addition to priority and, usually, same-day service, our customers with a Custom Mechanical maintenance plan receive discounts on repairs and extended service hours.

Preventative Electrical Maintenance

Did you know that there is preventative maintenance we can do for the electrical system of your home? We call it a “Panel Inspection.” When a Custom Mechanical electrician performs an inspection, he will:

  • remove the cover from your electrical panel
  • visually inspect your breakers
  • check the high voltage, neutral and ground wiring connections to your breakers
  • tighten any loose connections

Loose connections in your panel can cause any number of preventable electrical problems that may manifest throughout your home in the following ways: your breakers failing prematurely, lights that dim or flicker and utility bills that are higher because of current overdraw.

Benefits of a Custom Mechanical Maintenance Plan

Above all, ongoing maintenance from Custom Mechanical provides peace of mind. There’s incredible freedom in knowing that your essential home comfort systems are being cared for by highly qualified professionals, and even if there is an issue, we’ve got your back. Depending on the plan you choose, there are additional benefits to having Custom Mechanical as your service provider:

  • free or discounted repairs
  • extended business hours that will get our technician to you for no additional charges into the evening and on Saturdays
  • no overtime rates, for service after hours
  • loyalty bucks toward system replacement

Let us take one more worry off your plate with one of our electrical panel inspections and plumbing, heating and air conditioning maintenance plans. Call today for more information! Our services are available to homeowners in Frankford, Rehoboth, Bethany Beach, Millsboro, Ocean View, Georgetown, DE, and the surrounding beach communities in Delaware and Maryland.

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