Why Fall Furnace Maintenance Matters in Frankford, DE

Your home in Frankford, DE, is only as comfortable as your furnace can keep it. When you neglect routine maintenance, you handicap your furnace’s ability and increase your costs. Here’s why fall furnace maintenance is so important before the cold weather sets in.

Protected Warranty

When you purchase a furnace, you expect the warranty to help if anything goes wrong in the first 10 years. Manufacturers make maintenance a term of their warranty because they understand how important it is towards keeping the furnace running. Simply neglecting fall maintenance puts your warranty in jeopardy, however, and leaves you responsible for any repair bills.

Better Comfort

Your furnace naturally wears out over time, collecting small contaminants as it circulates air. As the heat exchanger and circulating fan collect these contaminants, it decreases the system’s airflow. Less air moving through the system and your home means more inconsistency in temperature throughout.

Lower Utility Bills

Airflow restrictions can also lead to lower efficiency. Your system will run longer cycles trying to bring your home’s temperature up to the setting on your thermostat. The result is avoidably higher utility bills due to your system needing a cleaning.

Less Stress About Breakdowns

A stressor each winter is the notion that your aging furnace make break down. During routine maintenance, your technician will test each component of your heating system looking for sub-optimal performance. By catching small problems early, you avoid larger problems and unplanned heating repairs.

More Years From Your Furnace

Airflow restrictions or reduced component performance both add strain to your system. This excessive strain slowly chips away at your system’s service life by making more of the system wear out prematurely. With annual furnace maintenance, you keep your system running at optimal efficiency, thereby extending its useful service life.

Don’t sacrifice your furnace’s effectiveness by neglecting routine maintenance. Call the award-winning technicians at Custom Mechanical to schedule your fall furnace maintenance today.

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