Keeping your electrical systems running smoothly is essential to keeping everything operating in your Frankford, Delaware, home. While electrical problems can be common, especially in older homes, there are certain electrical problems that can pose a significant hazard to your household. If you have encountered any of the following dangerous electrical problems in your home, it is time to contact a qualified electrician to make repairs.

Damaged or Frayed Wires

As your home ages, the wires will be put through a significant amount of strain. You may even find wiring so old that it is no longer considered safe to be present in your home. Wires can become damaged or frayed from age, pests, or overheating. They can also lose their protective coating. These not only cause the hazards of shocks, but they also pose a significant fire risk in your home.

Connections between wires that have become loose can also pose a hazard. Therefore, it is important to have an electrician inspect your wiring if it is old or you suspect damage.

Covered Cords or Wires

To hide unsightly cords, you may end up covering electrical cords or wiring with materials that can cause them to overheat and put them at risk for causing fires. Without proper space, cords can become too insulated, overheated, and damaging to your circuits as well. Luckily, this is a problem you can easily prevent by making sure you use the proper extension cords.


Overloaded Circuits

Often, many homeowners believe that if the electric is working, then everything is fine. This can cause them to push circuit boards and breakers past their limit. If your breaker is not large enough to provide energy properly for all the appliances in your house, or you continue to push the capacity of circuits past their limits, you run the risk of causing failures in your electric system and even the possibility of a fire.

If you are facing any type of electrical problem in your home, contact Custom Mechanical at 877-696-0808 where one of our certified electricians can help remedy your issues safely and effectively.

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