3 Features to Look for in a Smart Thermostat

Smart homes are evolving, but smart thermostats remain an access point for newcomers. Almost 20% of Frankford, DE, homes have smart thermostats. Here are some features that you can find useful when purchasing a smart thermostat for your home.


The latest smart thermostat models all rely on algorithmic-based learning to function conveniently. This implies that you can set the device to comply with your schedule, but the device will learn your heating and cooling habits over time and automatically adapt to them.

This feature enables the thermostat to control the temperature of your home even when you are at work or traveling. If your device has this feature, it will help you save on energy bills by switching into away mode when you leave your home. Additionally, it will ensure that your heating and cooling system produces your preferred temperature for optimal comfort in your household.

Climate Zoning

A zoning system is the best choice for bigger homes with a heating and cooling system that struggles to maintain a consistent temperature. A zoned system enables thermostats to control the heating and to cool independently to ensure that you heat different rooms separately.

A single thermostat can manage up to seven zones at once. This can help you save energy, as you can avoid energy going to waste by heating and cooling unused rooms. Furthermore, you can also ensure that everyone in your house gets their preferred temperature, enhancing your family’s comfort.


Geofencing is all about the creation of imaginary borders to generate a response. This feature depends on your phone’s geofencing nature to detect whether you are home or away. However, before adopting this feature, you must ensure that it is practical and useful for you and your household.

Some thermostats are equipped with remote sensors that require no tethering to a smartphone. This kind of smart thermostat makes use of the proximity sensors to tell when you are leaving home and returning. An intelligent thermostat equipped with this feature can help you save on energy consumption; thus, saving on energy bills.

To understand and learn more about smart thermostats and other home performance options, contact Custom Mechanical. Our professional technicians will be happy to show you what a smart thermostat can do to improve your home comfort.

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