3 Symptoms of a Bad Blower Motor in Frankford, DE

Even if your furnace can generate a great deal of heat, it can’t keep your house warm without a functioning blower motor. Given that the blower plays such a pivotal role, homeowners in Frankford, DE should know how to tell when it has gone bad. To that end, here are three major symptoms of a bad furnace blower motor.

1. Inadequate Airflow

The blower motor provides power to your furnace’s fans. These, in turn, send the hot air that the furnace produces into your home. A bad blower would virtually stop any airflow.

However, other issues can cause poor airflow, including a dirty air filter. Be sure to change the filter often and get regular HVAC maintenance to maintain optimal airflow.

2. Overheating

If your furnace can’t force out its hot air, it is vulnerable to overheating. Since such overheating can be harmful, many furnaces have safety features to automatically shut down in such cases.

Overheating can be a symptom or cause of still other problems. For example, it could cause a furnace to short cycle or refuse to turn on entirely.

3. Giant Energy Bills

Finally, a compromised blower motor can hit you where it hurts: in your wallet. Your thermostat commands your heating system to turn on or off, thus regulating the temperature. However, the furnace will keep running if the warm air isn’t getting to where the thermostat is.

Without a reliable blower motor, your furnace can’t send out heat to warm your home. Hence, it may continue generating heat, but because the thermostat can’t detect any temperature changes, it will tell the furnace to keep working.

Don’t sit around idly if your furnace’s blower motor goes bad. Call Custom Mechanical in Frankford, DE and ask for our furnace repair services.

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