4 Benefits of Duct Pressure Evaluation in Dagsboro, DE

Most homes in Dagsboro, DE, use ductwork systems for their heating and air conditioning systems. If your home ducts have leaks, you could lose a great deal of energy. Duct pressure evaluation is crucial in ensuring minimal losses, and it can help you enjoy other benefits discussed below.

1. Airflow Measurements

When your duct system is poorly installed or undersized, your home might not be as comfortable as it could be. Through pressure evaluation, we’ll be able to evaluate the airflow capacity of your system. If the airflow falls below expectations, we can add more ductwork or larger ductwork to relieve the pressure and increase airflow.

2. Sealing Leakages

Duct systems lose energy when air leaks through small holes or cracks. The air leak spaces could be due to poor connections of joints or holes sustained during installation. The duct test forces air into the system and measures airflow at different points of your ductwork.

By comparing airflow and pressure, we can identify the amount of air leakage and locate the leaks. Once we find the leaks, we seal them using duct mastic, and you can enjoy maximum heating of your home.

3. Determine Filter Restrictions

High efficient filters focus on restricting particles like dust and debris from entering your system’s ducts. When such particles enter your home, they lower the quality of your indoor air. However, such highly effective filters negatively impact the amount of air entering your home.

We can determine the amount of air restriction by the filters and replace them with less restrictive filters through testing. Less restrictive filters will allow more air that matches your air moving capacity.

4. Diagnose Duct Temperature Losses

When your heating systems lose conditioned air temperatures, it negatively impacts efficiency. The loss means reduced comfort in your home, yet the energy bills remain the same. Therefore, through temperature diagnostics, we can identify the temperature losses and provide duct insulation.

Additionally, through the test, we can adjust the fan’s speed as needed and significantly increase efficiency. It will not only reduce waste but increase your savings.

If you need duct pressure evaluation, contact the team at Custom Mechanical for an expert performance evaluation. We will help identify the leaks and seal them for better energy savings.

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