4 Signs You Have a Water Leak in Ocean Pines, MD

Water leaks can be challenging to detect in your Ocean Pines, MD home. These leaks may start as small ones, but they can quickly escalate, causing water damage and higher water bills. Luckily, these four warning signs will alert you to a water leak in your home.

1. Peeling or Blistering Paint or Wallpaper

Water leaks in pipes behind walls become evident when you notice blistering or peeling of wall paint, which needs immediate attention. You may also notice unpleasant, musty odors when you have water leaks that affect your indoor air quality. Call a qualified plumber to inspect your pipes for water leaks to prevent further property damage and high water bills.

2. Low Water Pressure

There’s probably a leak in the system if your faucets or taps fail to deliver a steady stream of water, either regularly or intermittently. You can inspect water outlets in any rooms that have them to check for ones with low water pressure. Call your plumber to check for water leaks if you have a sudden reduction in water pressure.

3. Strange Plumbing Noises

Sudden hissing or rattling noises may indicate a loose pipe. If you aren’t running faucet, taps, or have a running toilet, you shouldn’t hear water running through water pipes. Isolate where you hear unusual sounds, and call a plumber to fix the issue.

4. Water Stains on Ceilings

Discolorations or dark spots on your ceiling could indicate a leak from the roof or an upstairs bathroom or kitchen. You usually notice water stains on ceilings after the leak has been there for some time. That’s why you should address the problem right away before it causes further water damage.

Even a tiny leak could grow into a major problem if you postpone repairs. Hire our licensed plumbers at Custom Mechanical for professional and affordable plumbing services if you have water leaks or other plumbing issues.

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