4 Signs you Need a Shower Diverter Valve in Dagsboro, DE

In a combined tub and shower, there’s a shower diverter valve that changes the flow of water up into the showerhead and vice versa. This valve is vital to your shower’s convenience and safety. Here are a few of the most common signs of shower diverter valve issues in Dagsboro, DE.

1. Changes in Water Pressure

A bad shower diverter is likely to affect the overall water pressure from your showerhead. It may cause excessive water flow or none at all. It can even lead to both your tub spout and showerhead releasing water at the same time.

All three types of shower diverters commonly used in homes can go bad over time. Once you notice a shower problem, call for home maintenance before the issue worsens.

2. Leaks Below the Tub

One of the worst side effects of damaged plumbing parts is the potential for leaking. If the shower diverter valve isn’t functioning correctly, it can allow water to pool below your tub. This increases your chances of rot, mold and water damage in the room below.

3. Trouble Switching Water Flow

If you can’t easily switch from the tub spout to the showerhead, it’s likely because there’s an issue with the shower diverter. It may get stuck halfway or not seem to have any effect on the flow of water. It’s best to replace this part right away before it has a significant impact on your comfort.

4. Temperature Inconsistencies

A worn-out shower diverter can even impact the temperature of your water. You may get too much hot water from your showerhead or very little. This can make it hard to shower comfortably or effectively.

Broken shower diverter valves can impact your water pressure and temperature as well as make it difficult to switch from the tub to the shower. Contact Custom Mechanical, Inc. for reliable residential plumbing services in Dagsboro, DE.

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