4 Signs Your AC Is Low on Refrigerant in Bethany Beach, DE

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, you’ll pay a higher electric bill plus risk a costly system breakdown. The AC in your Bethany Beach, DE home may lose its refrigerant over time from leaks or age, making the levels lower. Be aware of these four signs of low AC refrigerant to avoid costly breakdowns and high energy costs.

1. Inability to Meet Thermostat Settings

Your air conditioner might have low refrigerant if it constantly runs without meeting the thermostat settings. Have an AC repair technician inspect the air conditioner and check the refrigerant to determine if there is a leak. It’s advisable to fix the issue immediately because of the dangers of operating an AC when it’s low on refrigerant.

2. Bubbling or Hissing Noise

Leaks in an air conditioner are the common culprits of low refrigerant. A hissing or bubbling noise could indicate an AC refrigerant leak. You can have your HVAC professional inspect your air conditioning system if you hear bubbling or hissing sounds so that they can address the problem.

3. An Unusually High Utility Bill

An AC system that’s low on refrigerant works harder than usual to a maintain comfortable indoor temperature. The strain on the air conditioner forces it to consume more energy, making your utility bill high. Besides an increase in cooling costs, the AC is prone to costly repairs; thus, swift action is necessary to recharge the refrigerant levels.

4. AC Refrigerant Line Has Ice

Air conditioners freeze when there’s an underlying problem. Damage to the refrigerant line could cause refrigerant coolant leaks that freeze the line. You might need to fix your system and recharge the refrigerant to the ideal levels if you notice ice on the refrigerant line.

Don’t allow low refrigerant to ruin your home’s comfort and increase energy costs this summer. Get an expert to service your AC and to recharge the refrigerant to avoid costly repairs in the future. Call Custom Mechanical for professional air conditioning installation services.

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