4 Signs Your Heat Pump in Frankford, DE Has a Refrigerant Leak

A substance in your heat pump called refrigerant either removes heat from your Frankford, DE home or brings heat into it. Therefore, when the levels of this fluid drop, your system will struggle to satisfy your temperature needs. If you notice any of these four signs, you probably have a refrigerant leak that requires professional heat pump repair.

1. A Frozen Evaporator Coil

During winter, it is normal for ice to accumulate on the outdoor coil because the outdoor temperatures get very low. The system has a unique process called a defrost cycle that melts this ice.

In the defrost mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat from your home and transfers it to the outdoor coil. If the refrigerant levels are low, the fluid cannot absorb and transport enough heat to the outdoor coil.

2. Strange Sounds

The refrigerant absorbs heat at the outdoor coil during winter and passes through another component called a compressor. The compressor’s role in the heating process is to increase the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure.

If there are holes along the refrigerant lines, the high-pressure fluid will escape through these openings. The fluid produces a whistling noise as it escapes due to the high pressure. Also, when air bubbles enter the refrigerant lines through the holes, you will hear gurgling sounds.

3. Running Constantly

A single-stage HVAC system should run in cycles. In one hour, your system should have two to three cycles. One of the reasons why your system runs without pausing is low refrigerant levels.

Since the available refrigerant cannot move sufficient heat, the system works for a longer period, trying to move more heat. Running constantly reduces your system’s life because its parts wear out more quickly. Therefore, schedule repairs as soon as you detect any issue.

4. Strange Smells

Refrigerant has a sweet or chloroform-like smell. If you notice a sweet aroma in your home when your heat pump runs, you may have a refrigerant leak.

Don’t attempt DIY repairs if you suspect your refrigerant leaks because you will expose yourself to harm. Contact Custom Mechanical right away for professional heat pump services.

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