4 Ways to Relieve Dry Skin Due to Humidity Issues

Many residents of Georgetown, Delaware, are familiar with the negative side effects of low humidity — including dry skin. If itching, roughness, flakiness, and cracking are driving you crazy, try these four ways to relieve dry skin.

Install a Humidifier

One of the best ways to help dry skin is to address the source of the problem: low relative humidity. You can either lug a portable humidifier from room to room, or you can have a whole-home humidifier installed. The latter option will work with your existing HVAC system to boost indoor air quality throughout your entire home.

Avoid Long, Hot Showers

Don’t be too alarmed by this suggestion. Warm showers are perfectly fine — just avoid hot temperatures (which will strip your skin of its protective oils) and don’t stay in too long. Experts recommend spending only five to 10 minutes in the shower. Other helpful changes you can make include keeping the bathroom door shut, using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t lather much, patting yourself dry, and applying moisturizer immediately.

Choose a New Moisturizer

Speaking of moisturizer, you may want to consider switching from your regular lotion to something thicker. For dry skin, creams and ointments typically work best. Look for ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil, glycerin, and lactic acid. Petroleum jelly is among the cheapest, most effective options.

Wear Layers

You can also protect your skin by covering it up. Wear gloves when you go outside, and keep socks on when you’re inside. If you find yourself feeling cold, add another layer of clothing instead of huddling in front of a heat source. Layering should also help you keep warm without overheating, which in turn keeps perspiration from drying out your skin.

Next time you find yourself suffering from dry skin, give Custom Mechanical a call at 877-696-0808. We’ll help make sure your HVAC system is working for you instead of against you.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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