7 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Carpenter to Install Your New Attic Hatch


Adding a new attic hatch can make it easy to access the space for storage or inspections, but if the hatch isn’t properly installed, it could be a safety hazard. For this reason, it’s important to hire a professional carpenter for the job.

Here are seven reasons why it’s essential to hire a professional carpenter to do this home improvement task:

  1. Maintain the structural integrity around the hatch – Many homeowner installations are marked by cut structural members. These are the pieces of wood that keep the structure in one piece. A professional knows how to work around these obstacles.
  2. Ensure the use of proper fasteners – An attic hatch needs to be able to handle the weight of a grown man. Using inadequate screws or nails can make the entire installation dangerous.
  3. Make sure enough fasteners are used – If the attic hatch installation kit comes with X number of fasteners or recommends Y number of fasteners at each point, it’s important to use the amount recommended.
  4. Add insulation and weatherstripping – The attic space you’re entering isn’t conditioned. Without insulation and weatherstripping, your energy costs can go up.
  5. Cut the ladder to the proper length – If the ladder is either too short or too long, it can weaken the attic hatch assembly. Many homeowners only guess at the measurement and get it wrong.
  6. Make sure the fire barrier between the garage and the attic space is intact – Modern fire codes require certain barriers between the garage and the living space, and that barrier extends to shared attic spaces as well. The carpenter can keep that barrier intact when installing the hatch.
  7. Properly attach the attic ladder – The attic ladder that extends through many hatches must be anchored securely to the structure for safe use. A carpenter has the knowledge to do this properly.

Get the job done right the first time; hire a professional carpenter. Learn more about Custom Mechanical’s carpentry services, or give us a call at 877-761-2295 to schedule an appointment!

Image Provided by Shutterstock.com

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