Cabinet Repair You Can and Can’t DIY

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you have done something on your own. Similarly, when you fix something that’s been broken in your Ocean City, Maryland, home, you get validation knowing that, through your own know-how, you saved some money along the way. While you can do some cabinet repair jobs, such as fixing loose knobs, yourself, larger projects, like cabinet replacement, require a professional.

Loose Knobs

Nothing is more frustrating than loose knobs on cabinet doors. When you’re trying to prep for a dinner party, you can get frustrated if you can’t open drawers. Thankfully, fixing loose knobs is one of those jobs you can do on your own. To correct a loose knob on a drawer, simply dab a drop of thread-locking adhesive onto the knob. The adhesive will prevent the screw holding the knob to the drawer from loosening.

Cabinet Refacing

You should consider refacing a cabinet when its foundation is strong. One occasion to think about this option is when you’re happy with the layout of your kitchen and simply need a cosmetic cabinet design change. However, if your cabinets are metal cabinets, refacing may not be possible. We would recommend a professional to do this job.

Cabinet Replacement

While minor adjustments may be reasonable to do on your own, when it’s time to fully replace your cabinets, don’t go for cheap on this home improvement project. Cabinet replacement is one job you don’t want to do alone. When you have a low-quality cabinet foundation, you should consider a full cabinet replacement, so don’t try to strengthen the existing frames. This point is also true if the foundation has rotted or has mold problems.

Knowing which cabinet repair projects you should try on your own and which you should leave to an expert is important. Don’t waste precious time trying to decide what to do if you have a complicated repair or replacement job. Contact our home carpentry professionals at Custom Mechanical at 877-696-0808.

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