How You Can Prevent Emergency HVAC Repairs

Originally published in September 2016, updated May 2020.

Whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring, finding yourself without a functioning HVAC system can be traumatic. No one likes to feel uncomfortable in their own home. The most important, single item you can do to ensure that your system lasts as long as possible with the fewest repairs, is to schedule maintenance regularly. We’ve put together a short list of tips on how you can prevent emergency HVAC repairs in your Bethany Beach, Delaware, home.

Regular Maintenance Appointments

Your HVAC system may seem like a low-maintenance appliance, but it’s important to have it regularly checked to make sure it’s running at peak condition. Preventive maintenance will save you money in the long run and could extend the life of your home comfort system. The older your HVAC unit, the more important preventive maintenance becomes. Any HVAC unit over 10 years old may even need to be replaced.

DIY Maintenance

Along with your preventive maintenance, keeping a wary eye on your HVAC system can prevent big problems from arising. Make sure to regularly change your air filters, check to make sure your condensate line is dripping when the AC is on, and keep your outdoor unit clear of debris, especially after big storms. Listen for strange sounds coming from your HVAC unit and watch your energy bill for unexpected spikes, both of which could indicate big problems and the need for an HVAC checkup.

Reduce Performance Pressure

Reducing the use of your HVAC unit can also prevent the need for emergency repairs. When temperatures outside are at extremes, it’s important to not overrun your HVAC unit. In the summer, there’s no need to cool your home to 70 degrees all day when you’re rarely in your house. Be aware of how often your system is running and how hard it has to work to make your home comfortable. During the summer, close curtains, avoid using your stove and use ceiling fans to help keep your home comfortable without overusing your HVAC.

Preventing emergency HVAC repairs is simple with these easy steps and regular AC maintenance. If you do find yourself in an emergency situation, Custom Mechanical offers 24/7 service. Just call us to schedule service. You can also schedule an HVAC check-up appointment on our website.

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