Closing Your Home’s Envelope to Stay Cool

Your home’s envelope is the space that you want to heat and cool throughout the year. Ideally, this is an isolated, sealed area where air cannot escape. Unfortunately, many Georgetown, Delaware, homes have leaky envelopes that allow energy to seep out through the cracks. Watch out for areas where you’re losing cool air and energy this summer, and take smart steps to seal that envelope.

Seal the Cracks

You can detect small cracks around windows, doors, woodwork, and outlets using a simple stick of incense. Hold the incense near these common problem areas while the air conditioner is running. If there’s a leak, you’ll notice the smoke rushing out toward a particular area. Make a note of all the leaky spots in your home.

Seal leaks surrounding non-moving parts of your home with caulk. These parts include things like window frames and woodwork. Use weatherstripping around moving parts, like the bottoms of windows and doors. If you’re losing air through your outlets, you can install a foam rubber seal behind each outlet cover or switch plate.

Insulate Your Attic

Your attic falls outside your home’s envelope if it’s an unfinished space that you don’t actively use. Keep cool air from seeping up to the attic and out through the roof by installing proper insulation. Simply lay the insulation between the joists for quick and easy protection from air loss.

Close Off the Chimney

Your chimney creates a wide-open hole in your home’s envelope if it’s not sealed properly. If you don’t use your chimney, even in winter, you can seal it efficiently with a chimney balloon. This molds to the size and shape of your chimney and keeps cool air in and warm air out. If you use your fireplace in winter, seal the aluminum flashing with a silicone caulk designed for high temperatures. This will provide a more efficient seal to keep out hot summer air.

We can help you evaluate and improve your home’s envelope for more efficient air conditioning. Contact Custom Mechanical at 877-696-0808.

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