DIY Task You Can Do to Prep Your Furnace For the Fall

Now that fall is here in Frankford, Delaware, our thoughts shift toward turning on the heater. Since your furnace probably hasn’t been fired up in several months, it is essential that the system has proper maintenance so it will perform efficiently. Let’s take a look at several tasks that you as the homeowner can perform, and why most of the maintenance is best left to our team of professional HVAC specialists.

Change the Filters

Clean filters allow unrestricted airflow to the furnace, which means it will run efficiently for its intended lifespan. Clean filters not only keep your system running in top condition, but they are also vital for maintaining the indoor air quality of your home. Moreover, a more efficient system means you will save money on energy and repair bills. We recommend changing the filters at least once per month.

Check and Clean the Vents

The return vents can get clogged with dirt and dust, which restricts the airflow. By cleaning them, you are helping to ensure that the conditioned air will enter into your home at the proper volume. Also, always check to make sure the supply-return vents are open and unobstructed.

Vacuum the Furnace Cabinet

When you haven’t used the furnace for several months, dirt and dust can collect in the cabinet that houses the unit. Take a vacuum and thoroughly pick up any accumulation of dirt and debris. Clear away anything that may pose a fire risk, and check regularly that the cabinet remains clean. As a safety precaution, always make sure that the furnace is turned off before cleaning.

Furnaces are complex systems that require specialized training as well as specific tools that most homeowners don’t have. When our licensed and knowledgeable technicians come to perform maintenance, they follow a comprehensive checklist. Investing in a maintenance plan with us can give you peace of mind that your furnace will be serviced in a timely manner by our professional team.

Give our team at Custom Mechanical a call today to schedule your fall furnace maintenance. We are happy to speak with you at 877-696-0808.

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