Does Your Home Need an Insta-Hot?

During chilly Frankford, Delaware, mornings, all you want is a hot cup of tea or coffee, but kettles can take a long time and sinks often only offer lukewarm temperatures. The same problem presents when trying to do a variety of household activities. 

If you’re finding yourself frustrated by the time it takes to prep hot water, an Insta-hot may be a perfect fit for you. Designed to instantly provide hot water, Insta-hots are a homeowner’s dream. Once prohibitively expensive, these neat systems are now affordable and easy to access. 

Instant Access

Insta-hots are used to gain instant access to hot water. The temperatures can range from boiling to hot, depending on how you set your system. This is incredibly useful around the house. Instead of waiting for the sink to get hot enough, which can take quite a while in Frankford’s winters, the Insta-hot dramatically cuts down the time needed to produce hot water.

Convenient Use

Hot water is superior for cleaning and can help take care of frustrating stains or buildups, like candle wax or grease spots. Insta-hots cut down on time needed to prepare hot water, meaning foods like pasta, oatmeal, and soup take less time to make.

Minimal Draw

Attached to the main sink water line, Insta-hot systems don’t create a disruptive pull from your sink’s water flow. The system stores hot water in its tank, which can vary in size depending on need and system purchased. Since the system holds its own water supply and doesn’t consistently refill, it has little effect on water utilities.

In addition to not bumping up water costs, Insta-hots often don’t take a ton of energy either. Systems can range from 500 to 1500 watts and only run electricity when in use. The overall cost for these systems, both upfront and over the life of the device, is very budget-friendly.

If an Insta-hot system sounds like it would fit your lifestyle, give Custom Mechanical a call at 877-696-0808 to set up a consultation today!

Image provided by Shutterstock

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