How Do Winterization and De-Winterization Look in Dagsboro, DE?

If you are planning to vacate your home for a month or longer, then you need to know about winterization. Winterization helps your home adapt to the colder temperatures that come with winter in Dagsboro, DE. De-winterization helps make the plumbing system in your home ready for normal, everyday use once again.

What Exactly Is Winterization?

A winterization plan may sound complicated, but it is actually fairly simple. All you do is drain the water from your plumbing system. This helps prevent pipes from freezing due to the frigid temperatures.

You drain the water from the water heater, as well. That way, you don’t have to worry about the water heater freezing, either.

One more thing that many winterization companies do is to add antifreeze to every toilet, trap and floor drain in the house. This also helps prevent any freezing during winter.

What Are the Steps of the De-Winterization Process?

You may want a professional to take care of this for you. Taking every single one of the aerators off the faucets is the first step. You must do this for all the sinks, including laundry sinks, kitchen sinks and vanity sinks in case there is any buildup that could stop water flow..

Next comes opening each sink’s supply valve. It’s a good idea to check on the supply line to the freezer and refrigerator while doing this. The plumber will connect the supply line if necessary.

After this, he or she will open the water meter valve and make sure the water heater fills up. The final steps are to flush the sinks, open the toilet valves and flush the toilet once, so you know it’s working. Feel free to turn the water on for all the tubs and showers to refill traps.

Check for Leaks

You should check for leaks once the de-winterization is complete. If you find leaks, reach out to an expert for help. If you don’t find any leaks, reinstall the aerators on the faucets and turn the water heater back on once it is full.

What if There Is Antifreeze in the System?

Pour roughly a gallon of water down the drains to get rid of the antifreeze. The water should eliminate the antifreeze from the toilet and floor traps after you use them once.

Call us at Custom Mechanical for help with all your winterization and de-winterization needs in Dagsboro, DE. Visit our website anytime to find out more about our great plumbing services.

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