How to Tell If It’s Time to Replace Your Windows in Millsboro, DE

Windows play a crucial role in enhancing your Millsboro, DE, home’s comfort, safety and aesthetic appeal. When they’re damaged, or very old, your home is less secure. Here are four notable signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

Worn-Out Windows

Window frames are prone to gradual wear and deterioration. Decay is common in wooden window frames due to long-term exposure to moisture.

Without timely replacement, gradual decay can cause the window seals to fail. Decay also makes it difficult to open or close your window. Water leaks and puddles are other signs that you need new windows.

Rising Energy Bills

If you’re experiencing an unexplained spike in your energy bill, your windows might be the problem. During winter, inefficient windows aggravate heat loss, forcing your heating system to overwork. Air leaks from the windows also affect your indoor air quality.

In winter, rooms that have faulty windows feel a lot colder than the rest. If the glass panes feel extremely cold, it’s definitely time for new windows.

Poor Operation

Opening and closing your windows should proceed smoothly. Difficulty in opening and shutting the windows means that they have exceeded their useful lifespan.

Other reasons for stuck windows include inappropriate sizing, wrong installation and poor painting. Our experts will make sure that your windows are easy to open and close all year.

Outdoor Noise

Efficient windows filter out most of the outdoor noise. Excessive distraction from the outside noise indicates poor-quality sealing or wrong window installation. Double-pane glass windows are more efficient when it comes to reducing the outdoor sound vibrations.

Visible Damage

Common signs of a damaged window include cracked windowpanes and broken frames. Cloudy and warped windows also indicate that it’s time for replacements.

Minor cracks around the window frames require immediate re-caulking to seal the leaks. Re-caulking prevents moisture damage and further enhances the window energy efficiency. It’s best to replace your windows once you notice signs of extensive damage.

Contact our team at Custom Mechanical today for top-quality window installation and repair. We provide impeccable services to make sure your windows remain efficient throughout the year.

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