Learn About VOCs in Your IAQ in Bethany Beach, DE

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are commonly found in building materials like plywood, glues, particleboard, drapes, cleaning products and burning fuels. They lower the quality of your indoor air and your home comfort. Here are the effects of VOCs and how to reduce them in Bethany Beach, DE.

Health Effects

VOCs can cause serious short- and long-term health effects. Short-term health effects may include skin irritation, headaches, and coughing. Others include difficulty in breathing, nose, throat and eye inflammation.

Long-term effects include cardiovascular diseases, headaches, anxiety, respiratory diseases like asthma and cancer. It can also have an impact on the liver, blood, spleen and the reproductive system.

Sources of VOCs

VOCs come for various everyday home items, including cosmetics, paints, cleaning products, air fresheners and even cooking. These gases can lower your indoor air quality if you’re in an enclosed room in your home. Candles and fires give off fumes that are full of volatile organic compounds when they burn.

Other sources of VOCs in your home include fragrances, new furniture, craft products like glue, wax, paints, dyes and fabrics. Cleaning products and children’s toys also contain Formaldehyde that releases toxins.

Reducing VOCs

Often, that smell in your house may have volatile organic compounds, including perfumes and air fresheners. Improving your ventilation and air filtration can help to reduce these gases in your home. Ensure that you replace your air filters regularly.

Buy environmentally friendly cleaning products that have a low concentration of volatile organic compounds. Store your paint products away from your home, like in the garage or barn.

Limit the number of products with high VOCs in your home and choose low VOC products when possible. Properly ventilate your home by opening windows or through mechanical ventilation.

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