Maintaining Your HVAC System With Pets in Dagsboro

Pets offer companionship and unconditional love, but they can indirectly affect your HVAC system negatively in Dagsboro, DE. Unfortunately, your fur friends could be indirectly making your HVAC system work harder than necessary. Below, we will explain how pet owners can maintain their HVAC systems.

1. Replace Your Air Filter Often

When you need your HVAC system to warm or cool your house, the system draws air from your living space to heat or cool it. The air goes through a filter, which catches any contaminants such as pet dander, fur, pollen and debris.

If you have pets in your house, your air filter is likely to become clogged more often than that of a homeowner who doesn’t have pets. Pets release fur and pet dander into the air when they shake themselves or rub against objects in the house, which accumulates in the air filter and elsewhere.

Your system must work harder than usual to draw more air through a clogged filter. Replace your air filter regularly to allow air to enter the HVAC system unobstructed. Also, invest in a good quality filter that can trap tiny particles of pet dander to prevent them from entering the system and contaminating its components.

2. Schedule Maintenance Services

Maintenance services boost your HVAC system’s efficiency by eliminating issues that lower its efficiency. Our technician will clean all parts, fix faulty components and lubricate moving parts. It is advisable to schedule service once before winter and once before summer to prepare the system for extreme seasons.

3. Put Up a Fence Around the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit facilitates heat disposal or heat absorption, depending on the season. When pets rub against the unit, they can release pet dander and fur onto the coil inside, thus clogging it with time.

A clogged coil cannot absorb or dispose of heat efficiently. Erecting a fence around this unit keeps pets away.

Protecting your system from your pet’s dander and fur increases its lifespan. Call our heating professionals at Custom Mechanical whenever your HVAC system malfunctions. No HVAC issue is too complicated for our team.

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