Troubleshooting an AC Repair

There are a couple of things you can do to try and fix your central air conditioner system before calling an AC repairman in Shelbyville, DE. These two things can be fixed easily by a knowledgeable homeowner. We are going to go over these two AC repair steps below so you can save some money if at all possible.

1. Clearing a Condensate Line Clog

The first thing you might try by yourself before calling a repairman is to clear any condensate line clog in your air conditioning unit. If the drain pan is full of water, it is likely that the drain line is clogged.

To clear it, turn off your air conditioner. Find the end of the drain line outside. It is likely near the condenser unit and will be a pvc pipe that is typically dripping. Push a thin, stiff brush into the very end of the drain line. This can help you to free up any clogs that are located at the very end of the line. Next, if necessary, try attaching a wet/dry vacuum to the very end of your drain line. Then try sucking up anything clogging the line by turning the vacuum on. Finally, try sliding a thin, firm wire brush through the vent tee pipe fitting that connects the drainage tray by the air handler to the drain line. There may be a clog at that end rather than at the outside end.

2. Changing an AC Filter

Air conditioning services from a professional can be required in many instances. However, changing your air filter is something you can try and see if that solves the issue.

You first want to turn the air conditioner off to change the filter. Next, remove the old filter. Check the condition of the old filter. If it is clogged or filled with dust, it needs to be changed or cleaned. If it is a disposable filter, buy a new version and throw away the old one. If it is able to be cleaned, clean it. Finally, insert the new filter or the newly cleaned filter. You are finished!

Contact Custom Mechanical Today for AC Repair

Custom Mechanical provides efficient AC repair services in Shelbyville, DE. We can help you fix your central air conditioning system and also perform high-quality electrical, plumbing and carpentry services for you. Contact us today so that we can assist you with anything HVAC-related.

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