Who Is Responsible for Damage to Sewer Lines in Frankford, DE?

The upper lateral of the sewer line runs from your home to the curb. The lower laterals run from the curb to the city’s main sewer line. There are many types of sewer line blockages to take into consideration when figuring out who is responsible for the cost of the damage in Frankford, DE.

Will Your Insurance Cover Repairs or Damage?

As much as homeowners’ insurance can cover, it rarely covers damage from sewer line backups. A backed-up sewer line can cause flooding and property damage, which can be very pricy. You may need specialized insurance to cover the costs of these types of emergencies.

An expert will tell you about what type of clog you have. They can also tell you where the damage happened, and the location will matter. Tree roots can grow through a pipe and cause a clog but are probably not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Who Is Responsible for Damage to the Lower Lateral?

The lower lateral line is under your property, and in most places, the city will not pay to fix damage to that line. You’ll pay for that out of pocket, and you’ll need an expert to look at your plumbing.

You’ll need to hire a plumber to figure out what is causing the flooding and damage. If damage in the lower lateral sewer line causes a block in the upper lateral line, the city may have you pay for the city line as well. Most of the time, the water or sewer department is responsible for the city’s sewer line.

Common Causes of Sewer Backups

There are multiple reasons a sewer line can back up, and tree roots are a common problem. Another common reason for a blockage is an aging sewer infrastructure. The city sewers are not new, and every home added to it risks more trouble keeping up.

If there’s a city sanitary main blockage, that can affect your plumbing. There are sewer lines that include one pipe to handle sewage and a different pipe for storm water. These pipes can back up if there’s a large storm.

The location of the blockage is what determines who pays for the damage. You can have an expert replace your old pipes to prevent tree roots from damaging the line. If you or your neighbors in Frankford, DE, need plumbing, sewer line repairs or new fixtures, call us at Custom Mechanical to set up an appointment today.

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