Why Is My Thermostat in Recovery Mode in Millville, DE?

Recovery mode is one of the most interesting, useful and beneficial features that smart thermostats have. If you are unfamiliar with smart thermostats, however, or if you have only recently begun using one, you may worry about seeing it switch into this state. In what follows, we’ll provide homeowners in Millville, DE some information about what recovery mode is and what it means to see a thermostat employ it.

Don’t Panic

First and foremost, if you see your thermostat display “recovery mode,” don’t panic. Though the word “recovery” might suggest that your it is fixing itself after experiencing some kind of problem, in reality, nothing of the kind is happening. Except for a few unusual circumstances that we’ll detail below, recovery mode is nothing to worry about.

What It (Usually) Means

Those using an older digital thermostat would typically need to program their devices with some kind of ideal temperature and a given time. Upon the arrival of that time, the thermostat would activate the user’s HVAC system and tell it to begin modifying indoor temperatures until they hit that ideal. Then, it would turn off the HVAC system and only turn it on again if temperature changes required more power.

The situation is quite different if you have a smart thermostat that can enter recovery mode. Recovery mode is a special energy-saving feature. With it, your thermostat can turn your HVAC system on in advance and have it operate gently so that when your pre-programmed time arrives, your home will already be at the temperature you want.

Some Less-Innocent Possibilities

In the great majority of cases, the above explanation is all that recovery mode means. If it suffers a glitch, or if your HVAC system has underlying problems that make it unable to do what your thermostat wants it to do, it may enter recovery mode in response. If this happens, you will need trained technicians to repair either your HVAC system or your thermostat.

A thermostat in recovery mode is one that’s merely working to make you comfortable. But if you suspect something is wrong, call Custom Mechanical, and request HVAC services in Millville, DE.

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