Why You Should Consider Zoned Heating When a New HVAC System Is Needed

Heating and cooling systems generally last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. This means that, ideally, there will be only a few times in your life that you’ll need to buy a new unit. But when you do, you’ll want to take your time and consider all your options. That also means speaking with a professional HVAC specialist and having your Frankford, Delaware, home assessed for the best type of unit to install. You may discover zoned heating and cooling is the best option.

What Is Zoned Heating and Cooling?

A zoned heating and cooling unit differs from central air because a zoned system lets you heat and cool individual rooms or areas in your home. This means you can keep the room in which your family tends to gather at a cozy and comfortable temperature while keeping the empty room next door at a cooler temperature. Ultimately, you’ll save money on heating bills by not having to heat the whole home. A zoned system is especially ideal if there are several rooms of your home that remain empty for long periods of time.

The zoned heating system heats your home using motorized dampers that are located in the home’s ductwork. In hydronic heating systems, valves are used to produce and distribute heat. Your home will have separate heating zones, and each one will have a thermostat you can set at the ideal temperature. You can adjust the system’s master control panel to determine which rooms are heated and which aren’t.

Zoned heating is also advantageous because it works quietly. And thanks to its enhanced heating efficiency, zoned systems don’t have to work as hard as traditional heating systems do. Cycling times and utility bills are reduced because the system works in the background to push warm air into only certain rooms.

Custom Mechanical specializes in a variety of quality heating services to ensure your comfort this winter. Call us today at 877-696-0808 to learn more about zoned heating.

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