Georgetown, DE

Georgetown has a long, proud history that's inexorably bound up with that of Delaware as a whole. Although it had been a farming community since colonial times, the town wasn't properly founded until the late 18th century. In 1791, it was established as the county seat of Sussex County, one of the state's original counties. Its central location and sensible layout allowed it to grow into a small but important trade center for the Mid-Atlantic coastal region. Although it didn't play a significant role in the Civil War, its economy improved after the conflict's end. As the 20th century progressed, Georgetown became increasingly well-known as a stopping-off point for tourists and holiday travelers.


Georgetown sits near the center of Sussex County, Delaware. It's about 60 miles to the southeast of Baltimore and sits a similar distance to the east of Washington, D.C. However, the city is somewhat isolated from these population centers by the broad expanse of the Chesapeake Bay. To the east and northeast, Delaware Bay separates the area from the New Jersey mainland. The town itself is characterized by a well-preserved core that features several buildings from the 19th century. Its newer neighborhoods were generally constructed after World War II and boast car-friendly street grids.

Population and Demographics

Georgetown's modest population count sits just shy of 7,000. As a trade center for a fairly large area of central Delaware, the city has a diverse population that includes blue-collar workers, tradespeople and maritime workers as well as affluent professionals and executives. In addition, the city has become an increasingly important destination for retirees and second-homeowners. Over the past two decades, this has contributed to a sharp rise in its population. It's likely that this general trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

Things to Do in Georgetown, Delaware

Georgetown has plenty of attractions for residents and visitors. The city has several historic sites from the Civil War period as well as a prominent chicken processing plant that provides meat for many Mid-Atlantic grocers. Although it doesn't host big-ticket events on a regular basis, racing fans enjoy access to the historically significant Georgetown Speedway. The town also has another historical quirk that attracts significant interest from outsiders. Known as Return Day, this festival celebrates the announcement of election results on the day after "even-year" Election Days. Other local gatherings include the annual Fourth of July celebration and a well-attended farmer's market. Beach-goers frequent nearby Cape Henlopen State Park.

Climate and Weather

Like much of the rest of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, Georgetown has a subtropical climate that's heavily influenced by the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. During the winter, cool, rainy and occasionally icy conditions prevail. Thanks to the moderating effect of the ocean, the local growing season lasts for about eight months and permits the growth of a wide range of plants. Georgetown's summers can be quite muggy, but moderating sea breezes are somewhat common. Spring and fall tend to be breezy and mild.

Furnace Repair in Georgetown, Delaware

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