Millsboro, DE

During most of the 18th century, the Millsboro area was a wild region of forest, swamps and rudimentary farmsteads. By the 1790s, this part of southern Delaware was populous enough to require the construction of a trade center for local fishermen and farmers. The town of Millsboro sprang up around a dam on the Little Indian River and quickly became a hub for the growing region. Since it was not directly on the Underground Railroad and lacked transportation connections to major cities like Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Millsboro escaped serious damage during the Civil War. By the middle of the 20th century, the town was a major hub for the poultry industry and remains heavily involved in chicken production to this day.


Millsboro is located in the southern portion of Sussex County, Delaware. It’s situated at the Little Indian River’s head of navigation and boasts easy boat access to the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding landscape is flat, swampy and largely forested. However, several open estuaries stretch inland from the tidal portion of the Little Indian River. Although Sussex County is densely populated, much of the land that surrounds central Millsboro remains undeveloped or agricultural in nature. Major thoroughfares include U.S. Highway 113 and Delaware Highway 24

Population and Demographics

Millsboro’s population is just shy of 4,000. Although the area has been populated for several centuries, growth has only accelerated in the past two decades. This is largely due to the area’s growing prominence as a year-round vacation destination as well as the revitalization of its poultry industry. Many Millsboro residents are associated with tourism or agriculture in some fashion, and workers come from all over the world to staff its farms and plants. Local residents enjoy excellent educational opportunities and rely on strong social institutions to maintain the area’s small-town charm.

Things to Do in Millsboro, Delaware

Millsboro’s rich history and attractive landscape make it a popular destination. Locals and visitors can learn about its poultry industry at the Ames Hitchens Chicken Farm or the more modern Perdue plant nearby. History buffs also enjoy relics of the colonial era at the Indian Mission School and Indian Mission Church. Folks who prefer modern attractions can check out the beautiful beach complex at Delaware Seashore State Park. Meanwhile, boaters can ply the waters of Indian River Bay to their hearts’ content. For fishermen, the area near Cupola Park offers excellent shore fishing opportunities.

Climate and Weather

Millsboro’s climate is heavily influenced by the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean as well as its position on the windward side of the North American continent. Local winters tend to be cold and wet. Frozen precipitation isn’t uncommon, but snow accumulation rarely lasts for more than a few days. During the transitional seasons, warm breezes alternate with cold rains and produce ideal growing conditions. Hot, humid summers tend to be moderated by pleasant breezes from the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

Furnace Repair in Millsboro, Delaware

Custom Mechanical has proudly served the people of Millsboro for more than three decades. Local residents trust its Delaware-licensed technicians to perform installations, upgrades, IAQ services, custom equipment design and basic heating service. As part of their annual maintenance and service agreements, these professionals are also happy to perform indoor air quality audits, energy-efficiency exams and other money-saving services. In the spirit of top-notch customer service, Custom Mechanical keeps teams of technicians on call throughout the night to minimize equipment downtime.

As one of the largest HVAC equipment dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region, Custom Mechanical is well-positioned to serve the needs of residents and business owners in Millsboro and beyond. Whether they demand efficient water heaters, powerful central air conditioners, fuel-sipping furnaces, health-promoting air purifiers or any other type of system, locals can trust Custom Mechanical to deliver high-quality products at valuable prices. What’s more, its showroom boasts an impressive stockpile of accessories like filters, duct covers, heat pumps, insulation and programmable thermostats. Clients who need some extra help with their payments can count on generous financing terms, and long-term warranties offer additional peace of mind. Custom Mechanical has Millsboro’s HVAC needs covered.

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