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With energy bills rising dramatically during the heating and cooling seasons, many find it easy to blame high energy bills and discomfort in the home on the age or quality of their equipment. This can certainly be true; however, we at Custom Mechanical take a whole-house approach to comfort and energy problems in order to identify and eliminate areas within the home that may play a factor. With this approach, we can help you to maximize your efforts and minimize your costs by targeting specific issues contributing to comfort problems and excess energy usage. Through this, we can leave your home having:

  • reduced energy usage
  • minimized health and safety risks and
  • optimized your living experience

What Is a Home Performance Evaluation?

Whether your residence in the coastal communities of Delaware or Maryland is new or old, you can benefit from an evaluation of your home’s energy performance based on building science. Trained and certified experts from Custom Mechanical use high-tech equipment to measure your structure’s performance as various tests are conducted. These include:

  • flow hood testing – the airflow from your heating or cooling system is measured at vents or registers to determine how efficiently your air supply is moving to designated locations. Poor airflow can reduce comfort levels, resulting in longer operating times for your equipment while shortening the life of some system components.
  • duct pressure evaluation – with a pressure gauge and a small fan, your technician measures the leakage and assesses the integrity of your ductwork. Leaks can double the energy loss typically experienced through duct walls.
  • blower door testing – a high-power fan is used to blow air into and out of your residence. As air moves through cracks, leaks and other areas of penetration, your technician pinpoints areas in need of sealing.
  • infrared camera diagnostics – thermal imaging allows your technician to see a visual representation of temperature differences behind walls. This makes it possible to assess the performance of insulation and assists in locating air leaks.

Making Use of Home Efficiency Results

With a comprehensive evaluation of your home, you can prioritize your energy-saving efforts based on areas that contribute most significantly to your energy usage. Information provided after your evaluation includes:

  • annual energy consumption for your residence
  • annual costs for energy with a category-by-category breakdown
  • comparison of your home’s energy performance with expected performance levels in your region
  • air tightness results
  • safety information about combustion appliances
  • recommendations for improvements
  • anticipated savings and bills if improvements are implemented
  • expected payback on recommended projects

How Much Can I Save?

According to ENERGY STAR, the potential savings with home performance services can be up to 20 percent of your annual energy use. This will vary from consumer to consumer based on the current condition of the home and other energy-saving measures already being used. With specific information about the needs of your home, you can make informed decisions about how to proceed. Custom Mechanical is available to assist when you call for your HPE appointment today. Our services are available to homeowners in Frankford, Rehoboth, Bethany Beach, Millsboro, Ocean View, Georgetown, DE, and the surrounding beach communities in Delaware and Maryland.

Earn Rebates up to $7,825 with the Energize Delaware Program

Begin with a home performance audit that will pinpoint areas of deficiencies in the home. Custom Mechanical can perform the audit, complete the recommended work and help you process the paperwork for your rebates.

The “Home Performance with Energy Star” program is administered by the Energize Delaware Program. Click here for more details.

Energize Delaware Program rebates are also open to second homes.

Rebates are through the Energize Delaware program and are subject to change. Amounts and eligibility are subject to program rules, terms and conditions.

Energize Delaware Program

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