4 Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Tackle Yourself

Why would you waste time and money paying for a professional to do work that you could do on your own? While this is a common mindset for many homeowners in Frankford, DE, the reality is that there are some plumbing problems that require the professional expertise of a licensed plumber. Here is a guide to the four top plumbing projects that you should never attempt to do on your own.

Unclogging the Sewer Line

You may have used a snake device to remove a minor clog from a sink or tub drain but unclogging a sewer line is a different beast. These clogs are usually much deeper in the pipe, and they may require special imaging equipment, pipe relining or other efforts that are beyond your capabilities.

Replacing the Hot Water Heater

You can find many do-it-yourself instructional videos online to guide you through a hot water heater replacement, but this is another example of a project that requires professional expertise. Some of many reasons for this are the potential for water damage as well as electrical issues or a gas leak.

Finding Hidden Plumbing Leaks

If you suspect that a leak may be hidden deep in your walls or underneath the floor, you may be inclined to hunt for the leak before you call a plumber to make the repair. You can cause serious damage to your home as you search for a leak. A better idea is to hire a contractor who will use special leak detection equipment.

Fixing Damaged Plumbing Pipes

Regardless of where the damaged pipe is located, it is imperative that the repair be completed properly. Improper techniques or materials may result in serious water damage to your home if the pipe ruptures or the leak returns.

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