Furnace Noises To Have Checked Right Away

Have you noticed your Georgetown, DE, furnace making unusual sounds? Upon start-up, you might hear your heating system pop or click as it activates. Those sounds are normal and mean the system is functioning correctly. The following sounds aren’t normal and are signs you need furnace repairs.

Banging, Popping, Rattling, and Rumbling

Does your heating system make a rattling or rumbling noise when it completes a heating cycle? These sounds often indicate leftover fuel continuing to burn inside the heater’s combustion chamber. You never want to ignore these sounds because leftover fuel can cause carbon monoxide to build up and leak from the unit.

If your heating system makes a loud banging or popping sound when it starts up, a couple of things could be happening. The most common reason for these sounds is warm air coming into contact with cold ductwork. When this happens, the metal expands, and that’s the popping sound you hear. No repairs are needed if this is what’s happening.

However, if the popping gets louder or turns into banging, your heating system might be experiencing the following problems:,/p>

  • Dirty burners
  • Clog in the system
  • Gas-pressure issue

Each of these issues requires attention. Burners with too much dirt can cause the heat exchanger to crack, leading to carbon monoxide leaks. Always have these issues fixed by a qualified service technician.

Frequent Clicking

Gas heating systems sometimes produce a clicking noise upon starting and stopping, a normal sound for the heating system to make. It’s when the clicking continues as the system runs that is a problem. Consistent clicking signals an issue with the system’s compressor or the control panel. Get the system serviced right away to prevent further issues or complete failure.

Don’t let strange furnace noises frighten you! Get to the bottom of the problem quickly to lower repair costs and improve efficiency. Contact the Custom Mechanical team today to learn more about our heating repair solutions.

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