Beware of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires aren’t as scary as the mythical blood-sucking monsters in many horror movies, but they can still drain away your energy. Many of the electronics in your Bethany Beach, Delaware, home use power even when you’re not using them, raising your utility bills. You can slay energy vampires by unplugging unused devices, using smart plugs, and linking appliances to wall switches.

Unplug Unused Devices

If a device is plugged in, it will use a small amount of power. Even the hairdryer in your bathroom and the cell phone charger next to your bed waste energy if you don’t unplug these devices when you’re not using them. Devices with a digital display like alarm clocks, ovens, and coffee makers use even more electricity. Most microwaves use more energy keeping their clock working than they do to heat food.

Many modern computers have a sleep or standby mode, but they still use energy when they’re asleep. Unless you’re just taking a quick break, shut down your computer and unplug it when you’re not using it to save power. Don’t forget to turn off accessories like routers or printers as well.

Use Smart Plugs

A smart plug, also called a power usage monitor, plugs into a wall socket. Then, you can plug appliances and electronics into the smart plug and use it to keep up with energy consumption. Many of these plugs have timers, so you can always leave for work knowing that your coffee pot and all your other appliances are off. You can even control some models from your computer or smartphone.

Link Appliances to Wall Switches

An electrician can connect many of the outlets in your home to wall switches. That way, you can remove the power flow to a plug as easily as you turn off a light.

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